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3 Ways Massage Therapy Alleviates Chronic Pain

Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy for Natural Pain Relief

iStock_000016065465XSmallDid you know that regular massage therapy may enhance the pain relief benefits of chiropractic care? Our chiropractor in Seattle frequently recommends massage therapy as a pain relief complement to chiropractic adjustments. Our licensed massage therapist is trained to offer several types of massage, including deep tissue, myofasical release, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, and sports massage.

Massage Therapy & Pain Relief in Seattle

If you are new to massage therapy, you may be wondering whether these treatments are right for your pain management needs. Here’s what you need to know about massage and pain relief in Seattle:

#1: Massage therapy releases muscular tension, which alleviates pain.
Chiropractic adjustments address chronic pain by restoring proper alignment to the spine. However, even when the spine is correctly aligned, muscular tension can still restrict your natural range of motion. Tense muscles contract and shorten, limiting the body’s natural range of mobility and exacerbating pain. Massage therapy allows the muscles to lengthen and relax, which is essential for pain relief.

#2: Massage improves mobility.
After an accident injury, it is natural to experience a limited range of motion. You may find it difficult to perform basic tasks, like walking up and down stairs, sitting for extended periods, or even struggle to sleep comfortably through the night. Deep tissue massage targets tension trapped deep within the fascia, the body’s connective tissues. Trapped tension leads to unnatural movement patterns that can intensify pain. Releasing tension from the fascia is important for restoring mobility to the body.

#3: Massage increases endorphin levels.
Endorphins are the body’s “feel good” chemical, which are responsible for elevating our mood and relieving pain. The physical act of massaging the body triggers important physiological changes, including lower blood pressure, reduced cortisol levels (the hormone associated with stress), and higher endorphin levels. Massage also improves the mind-body connection for an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Massage therapy is an important part of our comprehensive pain relief in Seattle program.

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