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Benefits of our Normandy Park Massage Therapy Clinic

Natural Techniques for Injury Recovery, Pain Management and Preventative Wellness

Here at Optimal Health Spine and Wellness Clinic we make use of a variety of different natural healing techniques to help you get well, feel well and stay well. These techniques work together, supporting each other’s powers to unlock your body’s innate healing and immune powers.

Massage therapy is a great example of a “hands-on” treatment modality aimed at accelerating your recuperation from an injury, relieving chronic pain with no need for drugs, and helping your preserve a high standard of well being.

General Health

– If you have ever experienced a Swedish massage at a spa, then you are aware of the profoundly relaxing effect it can have on body and mind. By loosening tight muscle groups, this relatively light form of massage therapy helps relieve accumulated tension, granting you relief from stresses that can impede your normal immune function and emotional health. It also stimulates the blood and lymph flow close to the skin surface, bathing your cells in the oxygen, nutrients and immune-boosting substances that encourage cell health and protect you from disease. Athletes make use of sports massage to keep their muscles and connective tissues supple — a key element in preventing sports injuries.

Injury Recovery and Prevention

– If you have suffered an injury, therapeutic massage can put you on the road back to health. the same increase in circulation that promotes general wellness also helps damaged tissues repair themselves more quickly and completely. A specific type of massage known as deep tissue massage can extend these benefits to areas Swedish massage cannot easily affect. For instance, some injuries cause masses of scar tissue called adhesions to grow on muscles and connective tissues. This scar tissue tends to restrict mobility and prevent full healing of the tissues. Deep tissue massage is prescribed in such cases to break up the adhesions and permit normal healing once again. Massage, chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy and other natural techniques can all work together to help you get back to your daily activities.

Pain Relief

– Massage not only relieves tightness in your muscles, but it can relieve the pain that frequently accompanies that tightness. Strained muscles accumulate inflammatory toxins and waste products such as lactic acid that create soreness and pain. By boosting the blood flow to and from these strained tissues, we can help the muscles expel their store of these pain-causing substances, while also reducing fluid buildup that can cause painful swelling. Pregnant women often benefit from gentle massage techniques that help them experience a more comfortable nine months and a healthier delivery. Deep tissue massage and a related technique called trigger point therapy can break up the painful muscle knots caused by fibromyalgia.

Experience the Healing Power of Massage Therapy

Contact our clinic today to learn more about therapeutic massage. We can help you enjoy a better life the natural way!

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