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Do You Know Someone Living in Pain?

Living with chronic pain takes its toll both mentally and physically. Mentally, it is discouraging and depressing. Physically, it is exhausting and debilitating, and it limits the tasks that one is able to perform. Thankfully, chiropractic care and massage can be used to reduce and eliminate chronic and acute pain without the use of pain medications or invasive surgeries. If you have friends or family members living in pain, we encourage you to introduce them to chiropractic care.

Getting Chiropractic Care in Seattle Can Decrease Pain

Our Seattle chiropractic clinic can help you and your loved ones reduce and eliminate both chronic and acute pain through spinal adjustments and corrective exercises. These treatments are a natural way to become free of the pain and immobility that are currently limiting your daily function.

Most back pain is caused by a misalignment of the vertebrae, which places stress on the surrounding nerves, muscles, and ligaments. By realigning the spine, the tension on those surrounding tissues is lessened and pain is decreased. Performing corrective exercises at home also strengthens weak areas of the body and improves flexibility and mobility.

Introduce Your Loved Ones to Massage Therapy

Getting a massage on a regular basis can also reduce pain and improve mobility – if someone you love is in chronic pain, a massage is an excellent suggestion in most cases. Massages reduce pain by loosening the muscles and tendons and reducing knots. This treatment will also help flush the lymphatic system, and improve circulation throughout the body.

At our clinic, we office medical, Swedish, sports and deep tissue massages, which are appropriate for your family members of all ages. Swedish massages facilitate relaxation and stress reduction as well as a reduction in body pain. Medical massages are specifically designed to help individuals heal faster after surgery and injuries. Sports massages are ideal for athletes and individuals that exercise rigorously on a regular basis. Deep tissue massages are used to relieve pain and sore spots from the deep tissues in the muscles. These massages are performed using moderate pressure and long hand-strokes.

Here at Optimal Health Spine and Wellness, we would love to help you and your family members reduce pain with our spinal adjustments and various massages.

Who do you know who is living in pain?

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