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Make Massage Therapy a Part of Your Pain Management Strategy

Here at Optimal Health Spine + Wellness Clinic, we know that massage is an effective targeted approach that can be used to soothe tired and sore muscles. But at our office, we are taking pain management to new level by using massage therapy to counter it. Massage is one of the oldest known therapies and has been used for thousands of years by people around the world for its many musculoskeletal and health benefits. In the U.S., many people undergo massage often for pain management purposes.

How Massage Benefits the Body

Massage aids in pain relief in a number of ways. It primarily works by relaxing the muscles and connective tissues. This alone is enough to trigger immediate results and a noticeable reduction in physical pain. The gentle, but targeted pressure from massage helps to release painful knots that can cause the body to feel tense, tight, and uncomfortable. Over time, patients may also begin to experience additional benefits, such as less stress, increased energy, and improvements in mood.

At our office, we suggest massage to patients with many types of chiropractic backgrounds. For example, massage therapy may be used to suppress pain in patients with back problems, chronic headaches, and even to reduce discomfort following surgery. Many people who undergo therapeutic massage find that the benefits of treatment replace the need for pain medications.

Massage therapy can be used independently or together with other treatments like chiropractic for the purpose of providing natural and non-invasive symptom relief. Combining massage with chiropractic and other therapies may not only reduce pain, but it may also accelerate the healing and rehabilitation process among patients with pain stemming from injuries.

Do you currently suffer with chronic pain? If so, have you tried finding relief using massage?

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