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Manage Your Back and Neck Pain Effectively with a Seattle Area Chiropractor

There can be many causes of recurring neck and back pain. Often they result from injury to the spine or neck, typically from twisting the body in the wrong way or straining the back through overexertion. Vehicle accidents are another common source of neck and back injuries. The sudden jerking of the head backwards or forward during a car accident—whiplash—often results in severe neck and back pain.

Spinal disc tearing can also create chronic back and neck pain, as can dysfunctional nerves. Whatever the source of your neck and back pain, modern chiropractic techniques can help you manage your pain and avoid both invasive surgical techniques as well as the risk of addictive prescription pain killers.

Chiropractic Serves As Alternative Healing Option for Neck and Back Pain

Using a pain management alternative to traditional medicine, your Seattle area chiropractor focuses on the correct alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure, especially the spine. The spine transmits information from the body to the brain via sensory neurons. Signals from the brain travel back down the spine and are distributed throughout the body, coordinating its functions. Spine and brain together comprise the central nervous system.

Chiropractors have long understood that proper alignment of the spine aids the body in healing itself and promotes wellness and optimal health. Chronic pain can occur if spinal misalignment is left untreated. Chiropractic care involves hands-on spinal manipulation and other supportive treatments to remedy this condition.

At Optimal Health Spine + Wellness Clinic of Normandy Park, relief of our patients’ pain is our first priority. We first diagnose the true source of your pain and then alleviate it, typically providing treatment several times a week for up to a month depending on your condition. You should feel the immediate beneficial results of this intensive intervention.

We may then recommend a longer program of treatments lasting up to several months to prevent recurrence of your pain. Physical therapy and corrective exercises are often prescribed to strengthen your spine and make permanent, positive improvements to your health. Our ultimate goal is help you live a richer, pain-free life.

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