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Massage Therapy for Healing

One of the components of our therapy regimens here at Optimal Health Spine & Wellness Clinic in Normandy that patients are sometimes quite surprised to learn about is massage therapy. Many people have only been familiar with massage as a way to relax, or as a treatment that you get when you visit a spa or go on vacation. However, massage has many benefits that extend well beyond the feelings of pampering and relaxation!

Massage at Optimal Health Spine & Wellness Clinic: The Benefits

At Optimal Health Spine & Wellness Clinic in Normandy, our chiropractic staff uses an entire menu of different treatment options to help guide each patient on the path to full body wellness as effectively as possible. Massage is sometimes prescribed by the chiropractor for those patients who need some extra help with pain relief or with improving mobility. Of course, massage therapy also has benefits in terms of general wellness since it causes relaxation and encourages the release of endorphins (the brain’s own all natural feel good drug.)

One major benefit of massage is that it helps break apart adhesions, better known as scar tissue. As an injury heals it often becomes surrounded by scar tissue, which is tough and thick. The scar tissue can really impede proper range of motion, but properly performed massage techniques break up the tissue so that the muscles can move normally again.

Another major benefit of massage therapy is improved circulation. After an injury, the muscles in the affected area of the body often don’t get enough blood flow. This leads to restricted movement. Massage therapy helps in getting the blood flowing normally to the muscles again.

Pain management is a leading reason that massage therapy is part of many recovery programs today. Massage can dramatically diminish the patient’s pain level, which can mean less need to rely on potentially dangerous or addictive prescription medications.

Have you ever tried massage therapy? What was your experience like?

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