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The Top Five Reasons to See our Seattle Chiropractor

While different people seek chiropractic care for widely varied medical reasons, our Seattle chiropractor treats the whole patient, promoting overall health, wellness, and improved lives. At Optimal Health Spine and Wellness Clinic, we break down the top five reasons to seek chiropractic care.

1. Relieve Pain – The number one reason patients choose Optimal Health Spine and Wellness Clinic is to reduce or eliminate pain. Subluxations of the spine can painfully affect every part of the body, pinching nerves, blocking blood flow, and increasing inflammation. Regular spinal adjustments help the body to maintain proper spinal alignment and achieve optimal function. An aligned spine relieves nerves, reduces inflammation, and eliminates pain.

2. Improve the Immune System – A properly aligned spine allows for the immune system to function at its most efficient level. Subluxations of the spine block communications between the brain and the rest of the body. As a result, the brain does not always know when the immune system is needed to fight a virus, clear an infection, or heal a wound. An aligned spine also allows for increased blood flow to affected areas of the body, delivering nutrients essential to wellness.

3. Reduce Medications – Pharmaceuticals host a slew of their own harmful, debilitating side effects. Our chiropractor treats pain and other symptoms, allowing patients to discontinue the use of many medications.

4. Improve Quality of Life – Chiropractic care improves patients’ overall quality of life by reducing pain, stress, and improving sleep. Our goal is to help patients experience life free from pain.

5. Encourage Physical Activity – Patients living a pain-free life will be more apt to participate in physical activities. Regular exercise will impart numerous additional health benefits on chiropractic patients, leading to healthier, happier lives.

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