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Treat Yourself and Others to a Massage This Holiday Season

The holidays are here; bringing with them a busy December schedule and the potential for heightened stress. Despite your best attempts to enjoy the season, all of your efforts may be overshadowed by tense muscles, shoulder pain, and back pain. Many people wait until January to tackle the physical effects of holiday stress – a time when discomfort has become almost unbearable. Instead, why not give yourself the gift of a pain-free holiday season with a therapeutic massage now?
There are many reasons why people see a spike in stress at the end of the year:

Psychological and Financial Stress

Mental stress can originate out of anxiety related to holiday gatherings. Perhaps you are hosting holiday dinner, requiring you to cook and clean for a large group of people. Or, maybe the thought of going over budget for gifts, food, or holiday events has you biting your nails. This type of stress can manifest physically in the form of tight muscles and pain.

Physical Stress

The holidays are not only mentally and financially demanding, but they can take a toll on you physically too. Perhaps you are staying up late wrapping gifts and depriving yourself of sleep. Or maybe you are responsible for hanging lights, decorating the tree, and shoveling snow out of the drive way of your home each morning. All can result in muscle tension and pain.

Seattle Chiropractor Offers Holiday Anti-Stress Massages

You deserve a pain-free holiday season with the ones you love. Here at Optimal Health Spine and Wellness Clinic, our Seattle chiropractor encourages patients to come in for periodic massage throughout the holidays long before pain and muscle tension appear. Even if you have little stress during this time of the year, the cold weather alone is enough to aggravate old injuries and cause muscle pain. Come to us for relief — and get a massage gift certificate for someone else while you are here.

Do you have a lot of stress this time of year?

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