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Massage Therapy FAQ

Massage Therapy Burien
Massage Therapy: FAQ From chronic back pain relief to stress relief, our massage services offer a number of important health benefits. Located in Normandy Park, just minutes from Burien, Optimal Health can help you feel better. If you are new to massage therapy, however, you may be wondering how [...]Read more

Chiropractic Care FAQ’s

Chiropractic Care
FAQ At Optimal Health Spine & Wellness Clinic, we provide chiropractic, massage, and naturopathy services that are focused on not only getting you out of pain but also on making your spine and body healthier, stronger and more flexible. Many forms of traditional medical care focus only on [...]Read more

Back Pain And Neck Pain FAQ

Back Pain & Neck Pain FAQ
Burien Chiropractic FAQ: Back Pain and Neck Pain Whether you're looking for a Burien chiropractor for sciatic nerve pain relief or suffering from neck pain in Des Moines, we're here to answer your most frequently asked questions about back pain and neck pain—how we treat it, and how [...]Read more

Auto Accident Injury FAQ

Auto Accident Injury FAQ
Seattle Area Auto Accident Injury Care: Top FAQs If you have recently been in a Seattle area auto accident, chiropractic care can help manage you injury pain and support your body during the rehabilitation process. Below, our Normandy Park and Edmonds chiropractor answers your top questions about [...]Read more
Optimal Health Spine At Optimal Health Spine & Wellness, in the Normandy Park area, we have incorporated Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, and Naturopathy Services to bring you lasting wellness from the inside out.

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