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Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage for stress reliefIf you live in or around Washington’s city of Burien, you can count on Optimal Health Spine & Wellness for the therapeutic massage technique known as lymphatic massage to alleviate symptoms related to lymphedema, sports injury, childbirth, and so much more. Every massage technique is specific to the medical conditions and pain relief you need. It’s important to know where to receive the best care after a hard day of work or an invasive surgical procedure.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage therapy is used to unblock the lymphatic system from stress due to infections, dehydration, injury, and more. When the lymph nodes slow down specific symptoms can show up as swollen body parts, cellulite, respiratory problems, flu-like symptoms, all the way to pneumonia. Lymphatic massage therapists can help you:

Lymph Nodes Are Responsible For So Much

The lymphatic system is a group of nodes and vessels running throughout specific regions of the body. Lymph nodes carry the build-up of wastes in your body due to illness, stress, or synthetic materials. Lymphatic massage is one of the most beneficial massages for those in need of improving circulation, draining toxins from internal infections and harmful bacteria. When our lymph nodes have been working too hard, we can experience fatigue, chronic pain, water retention, and a build-up of fat deposits that can cause problems later on down the line.

Draining Toxins For Skin Health

For an additional boost to your skin-care arsenal, a lymphatic massage can reduce puffy eyes and alleviate stress. When we are stressed, some of the most common side effects are skin blemishes, wrinkles, rashes, and acne. Getting a lymphatic massage can help release toxins and alleviate the stress. Let us keep lymph nodes flowing so that toxins are eliminated from your body’s system.

Find Total Relaxation With A Lymphatic Massage

Performed by a certified massage therapist a lymphatic massage is not like a traditional deep tissue massage. It is much more gentle. When receiving a lymphatic massage, expect light strokes with even pressure that does not stress the capillaries of the lymphatic system. This massage technique tends to be very relaxing and can help those in need of speedy recovery from various injuries and women who are about to give birth or are currently breastfeeding.

Lymphatic Massage In Burien, Washington

When stress begins to build up in your daily life, the best treatment is to get a message from a certified therapist. For a soothing and relaxing week or month, adding a lymphatic massage to your scheduled routine is highly recommended. For those searching for natural relief to body changes and daily stress factors, call us at Optimal Health & Spine Wellness in Burien, Washington to schedule an appointment with a massage therapist today.

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