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Post Surgical Massage Benefits

If a recent surgery has left you in pain, increased comfort and healing can be yours with a soothing, post-surgical massage from Optimal Health Spine & Wellness in Burien, WA. Let our professional massage therapists encourage and improve your whole-body health through hands-on bodywork techniques tailored to you.

Post Surgical Massage BurienPost-Op Massages & Accelerated Healing

Inevitably, surgery hurts. Recovery can be a slow and painful process. Scar tissue will most likely develop at your surgical site. Sometimes internal adhesions can form, leaving you in pain long after the incisions have healed.

Many people seek out massage to help with anxiety and stress but don’t realize that massage after surgery can speed up your physical healing as well as soothe you emotionally. When performed correctly, holistic massage therapy can help with your symptoms and side effects naturally.

  • Helps Prevent The Buildup Of Scar Tissue
  • Reduces Or Stops Swelling & Pain
  • Encourages Soft Tissue Repairs
  • Increasing Flexibility & Joint Mobility
  • Enhances Your Immune System
  • Improves Supply Of Oxygen To Your Vital Organs
  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety

Drugs Are Not The Only Answer

You will most likely leave the hospital or ambulatory surgical center with multiple prescriptions. Although they are doctor-approved, the use of pain medication is not without risk.

If you are determined to avoid the use of pain medications altogether or recover at the minimum dosages possible, alternative treatments like massage therapy can boost your recovery and help reduce your pain level naturally.

We understand that some of us are just more comfortable taking medication after surgery. Studies have shown that massage therapy used in conjunction with prescription pain medication can have an enhanced pain-relieving effect when compared to medication use alone.

Other Complications Of Surgery

To keep from straining the surgical site, many people tend to compensate by overusing other muscles when performing certain activities, such as getting out of bed, sitting and standing, walking, or other daily activities. Such action can cause muscles not typically used in those efforts to become hyper-toned or over-contracted.

Specific joints, or the entire body, can be thrown out of alignment, leading to back pain after abdominal surgery or a hip replacement, right shoulder pain after cardiac surgery, etc. Massage therapy at Optimal Health Spine & Wellness may be able to help you avoid or relieve such complications.

Types Of Post-Surgical Massage

Depending on the nature of your recent or upcoming surgery, you may benefit from one or more types of massage therapy. Regular appointments with your massage therapist as your body adjusts and recovers will give you the best results in the long run.

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage helps prevent your lymph nodes from swelling and filling with fluid, which is a common side-effect of many surgeries.
  • Transverse Friction helps reduce scar tissue buildup by targeting an area with carefully applied pressure.
  • Myofascial Release may help reduce painful scar tissue that occurs after the initial healing has completed.
  • Targeted Massage of hyper-toned or overly contracted muscles can help restore them their normal function so that you use all your muscles properly to keep your body in alignment.

Benefit From Post-Operative Massage Therapy In WA

Every surgery is unique, as is every person’s recovery. If you are seeking post-surgery back pain relief, or have pain in other areas following a recent operation, call and make an appointment with an Optimal Health Spine & Wellness massage therapist in Burien, WA. Let us work with you to design a massage treatment plan that fits your individual recovery needs.

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