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Sports Massage

Sports Injury MassageIf you live near Burien, WA and are looking for a therapeutic sports massage, visit us at Optimal Health Spine & Wellness. This kind of massage therapy isn’t just for pro athletes. It’s for amateurs and anyone else who exercises regularly. Our massage therapists can help reduce your soreness, speed your recovery, and even minimize your risk of sports injury.

What Is A Sports Massage?

The traditional Swedish massage technique is most commonly used on athletes. Depending on your particular needs and trouble points (like past injuries), your therapist will combine this with deep tissue massage or acupressure. If you’re using massage as part of injury rehabilitation, soft tissue techniques are often substituted to reduce pain and speed healing.

The exact muscles that your therapist will target depend on the kind of sport you play. For example, a sports massage for runners will focus on the legs while a massage for swimmers will focus on the upper body. Sports massage therapy has both physiological and psychological benefits that lead to better athletic performance including:

  • Increased Range Of Motion And Flexibility
  • Decreased Muscle Stiffness And Soreness
  • Maximized Supply Of Nutrients And Oxygen
  • Shortened Recovery Time Between Workouts
  • Encouraged Relaxation
  • Reduced Chance Of Injury
  • Improved Blood Flow
  • Reduced Muscle Tension

The More You Go, The More It Shows

The more regularly you get a sports massage, the more benefits you’ll enjoy. Just like exercise, the effects of massage are cumulative. Discuss your training program with your therapist so she can help set a schedule that works for you and your wallet.

Massage For Sports Recovery

Keep in mind that a massage for recovery will leave you feeling sore. Three to five days before or after an event (be it a competition or a tough workout) is recommended. Doing this will give your muscles a chance to relax before the big day and start recovering naturally afterward.

It’s also a good idea to balance these intensive treatments with lighter bodywork — the kind of massage you’d receive from a spa. They’re especially helpful the day after an event to give you immediate relief by promoting blood flow and helping you relax.

Schedule Your Sports Massage In Burien

We take a whole body approach to pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and wellness. We target the cause of your pain with customized treatment plans to keep you in top shape.

No matter what sport or fitness activity you’re into, the massage therapists at Optimal Health Spine & Wellness can help you improve performance with less pain. Contact us today to schedule your sports massage in Burien. We look forward to helping you.

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