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Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massage in Burien, WARelax and accelerate your body’s natural healing process with trigger point massage at the Optimal Health Spine & Wellness in Burien, WA. We take great pleasure in being able to offer you this whole body wellness technique.

Battle Stress For Better Quality Of Life

Stress in our body, regardless of whether its physical stress or emotional stress, can affect our health in surprising ways. This can result in aches and pains that cause you to focus on nothing but the problem.

Massage To Improve Your Range Of Motion

When our range of motion is hindered, and our posture is difficult to maintain, our muscles, joints, and tendons are negatively affected. Many people who suffer from chronic pain begin to rely on painkillers. Why not try a drug-free alternative? Trigger point massage therapy may help.

Who Is Trigger Point Massage For?

This form of massage can be beneficial if you are experiencing stress. Mental stress, repetitive motions like that from a labor-intensive job or even sitting at a desk all day can cause pain and other problems.

Let’s Untie Those Tense Muscles

Trigger points are specific spots in which muscles are so tight that many massage therapists call these knots. These knots can lead to increased discomfort and degenerative issues in the body.

The Benefits Of Trigger Point Massage

Focus more clearly, move more freely, and sleep more comfortably. Trigger point therapy is one of the best alternatives to over-the-counter pain medications and a great way to relieve tension after a long busy week at the office.

Find Relief At Optimal Health Spine & Wellness

Whether you’re suffering a musculoskeletal disorder, have sore muscles, or are merely seeking to relieve tension, then a trigger point massage may be just what you need. Call us in Burien at Optimal Health Spine & Wellness to schedule your appointment with a massage therapist today.

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