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Work Injuries

Work Injury Treatment in Des Moines and Burien

The most common type of work injury involves slipping and falling, lifting heavy objects improperly and engaging in repetitive movements that cause soft tissue or nerve inflammation. Painful, sometimes incapacitating back injuries bring many Des Moines and Burien residents to their Normandy Park Chiropractor for surgery-free, drug-free relief from back pain and stiffness caused by torn muscles, irritated spinal nerves and displaced vertebrae.

To alleviate all types of work injury pain, our chiropractors offer effective chiropractic techniques and treatments involving realignment of vertebrae through adjustments, spinal decompression for removing pressure on nerves and therapeutic massage therapy for promoting natural healing of injured soft tissues

Work Injuries

Spine Adjustments for Work Injuries in Burien

When there’s a need for immediate treatment for a work injury, SeaTac residents turn to Normandy Park chiropractors for pain-relieving chiropractic adjustments to gently move vertebrae to their normal positions. After evaluating the condition of your back and spine and the effect misaligned vertebrae is having on your general health, your chiropractor will perform a vertebral manipulation and adjustment to restore alignment to your spine.

Spinal subluxations (when vertebrae compress nerves because they are displaced) typically cause intradiscal pressure and chronic pain. Work injuries involving the back often produce low back pain, fatigue, reduced resistance to infections, and decreased the range of motion, headaches/migraines, and neck pain. Treatment by family physicians may include nothing more than prescription pain pills and recommendations to take a few days off from work. Most of us cannot afford to take off work. In addition, pain medication does nothing to align vertebrae and eliminate spinal nerve compression, a nervous system issue that could develop into something more serious if not properly treated.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy in Burien

Work injury treatment for Des Moines and Burien residents can also involve massage therapy to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and help rid the body of inflammation-causing toxins. Massaging injured muscles and other soft tissues not only stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal itself but also enhances circulatory and immune system functioning to decrease inflammation and pain by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood to injured areas.

Chiropractic massage techniques may also:

  • Reduce your risk of future injuries by improving muscle flexibility, muscle strength and range of motion
  • Shorten your recovery time from a work injury
  • Stimulates lymph and blood circulation to promote removal of toxins and optimize soft tissue health at the cellular level
  • Deactivates “trigger” points, or painful knots in muscles that develop due to overuse and strain
  • Releases a group of naturally produced, pain-killing hormones called endorphins to help alleviate pain associated with work injuries

The best work injury treatment programs developed by your Burien and Des Moines chiropractors involve adjustments, therapeutic massage therapy, physical therapy and corrective care exercises to facilitate your recovery and strengthen your back, shoulders or other areas that have injured while on the job.

Visit Our Normandy Park Chiropractors for Auto Accident Injury Treatment

If you have suffered a work injury, SeaTac chiropractors at our Optimal Health Spine and Wellness Clinic offer treatment modalities that do not include drugs or surgery. In addition to treating work injuries, our Normandy Park chiropractors also treat automobile accident injuries, personal injuries, whiplash, sports injuries, chronic migraines/headaches, arthritis and degenerative spine disorders such as bulging/herniated discs.

Contact Optimal Health Spine and Wellness Clinic in Normandy Park today to schedule an appointment for work injury treatment. We serve residents living SeaTac, Des Moines, Burien and surrounding areas.

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